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  • What is STERLINGS – Mobile Salon & Barber Co.?

    STERLINGS is the premier mobile haircutting service for professionals, offering convenient and quality haircuts combined with a classic experience.

  • What makes STERLINGS unique?

    By going to the client, STERLINGS eliminates the need for the busy professional to drive to their typical brick-and-mortar chain salon. STERLINGS online scheduling system removes the frustration often encountered of waiting once at the store and lets you schedule with your preferred stylist.

  • How does STERLINGS’ deliver these mobile services?

    STERLINGS offers our services out of a custom-designed state-of-the-art Airstream unit that is modern, well-lit, and built specifically for this purpose. The unit contains 3 barber chairs, 3 sinks, a restroom and a waiting area for walk-ins. No expense was spared in creating this key aspect of our business.

  • Who is STERLINGS for?

    STERLINGS is for both men and women who want superior quality and are frustrated with the time consuming process of getting a cut

  • Does the unit need to connect to local facilities?

    The STERLINGS unit is climate controlled, self-contained, and self-supporting enclosed unit (water, trash) and does not require a hookup to local facilities.

  • How can I know where your services will be offered?

    We deploy our mobile hair cutting units at various key corporate population centers in the greater San Diego area on a regular and predictable schedule. This schedule can be easily accessed from our Book Appointment page

  • I like to have a regular barber or stylist I can trust. Does your service offer this?

    Yes! STERLINGS hires only the best barbers and hair stylists and these professionals can be selected and scheduled using our web-based appointment system.

  • Do I have to book an appointment or can I walk in?

    Walk-ins are welcome but priority is given to scheduled appointments. Also by booking online you will receive a 10-20% discount on services. Save money and time by booking online!

  • What other services does STERLINGS provide?

    In addition to the highest quality haircuts, STERLINGS also offers great services like shaves, coloring, neck messages, hot towels, blowouts, and a variety of top quality hair care products – all within walking distance of where you are!

  • I’m worried about loose hairs when I return to work?

    Shampoos are performed at the end of each haircut so there will be no loose hairs.

  • How much does a haircut cost?

    STERLINGS mobile services offers great value that is comparable to traditional barbers or chain salons – roughly $25 for a hair cut at your place of business

  • How long does a haircut take?

    Appointments are scheduled in 30 minutes giving ample time to get a haircut, shampoo, neck massage and a hot towel. For women’s hair (long hair) you can select a 1 hour block.

  • Is there a charge for cancelling?

    There is no charge for cancelling an appointment. We do encourage giving at least 24hr notice as a courtesy to fellow employees. Arriving more than 10 minutes late results in an automatic cancellation.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, debit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

  • My company would like to offer your services to our employees. Do you have corporate agreements to offer these services?

    Yes! STERLINGS is a fully-licensed and insured company that has enacted a number of key corporate agreements to offer our services onsite to corporate employees. Please contact our company for details —